Our Program

Personalized Evaluations and Treatment Programs

Individuals working in the transportation sector are subjected to pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug screenings. We work to help those employees who have been marked for violation of D.O.T alcohol and drug protocols to obtain the necessary clearance required to return to work. Our Team accompanies the employee and employer step-by-step through the entire process.

How We Work

Once you fail a drug test, you have to go through a Clearing House program, where you can select our organization. We are D.O.T certified S.A.P providers offering personalized evaluations and consultations to make a complete assessment of your situation.

The outcome of the assessment will determine the treatment you need to undergo. We then present before you a list of treatment provider options to guide you through the rehabilitation process.

We stay in constant touch with your treatment provider to monitor your progress. Once you pass the drug test, you can go back to work.

  • 1st visit – Assessment
  • 2nd visit – Provide treatment course
  • 3rd visit – Check-out